Walk-In Longarming Services in Valparaiso, IN

Forever In Stitches are well known for longarming services in Valparaiso, IN. Whether you live here or in any other state, you can mail-in or walk-in and get the same professional, courteous service. Return shipping via UPS is free for all mail-in longarming over $75.

This section is divided as follows:

Welcome to our Longarm Studio

Preparation Of  Your Quilt

You need to have your top, and where applicable, batting and backing, ready when you come/mail in. This means that the following must be done in advance. Failure to do them in advance means that you are subject to being charged extra fees.


  • Iron all seams searching for insufficient or open seams.


  • Iron the top.


  • Square the top.


  • If you have not back-tacked your stitching at the edges, run a stitch 1/8" from the edge to secure all seams.


  • Remove all embellishments.


  • Square the back.


  • Eliminate any loose threads or pet hairs.


  • Safety-pin the top and bottom center of the quilt.


  • Safety-pin the top and bottom center of the back


  • Square the batting.

Please refer to our Newsletters with the title of "Longarming" for further discussions on how to get the most out of your longarming dollar.

Thread, Backing & Batting


We have 90 different colors of thread. 70 are solid colors and the remainder are variegated. Threads are included in the longarming prices.

Batting & Thread

Request Quilters' Bream Batting batting is included in the price of your longarming.

We carry and prefer Quilters Dream Batting. It has a uniform density to enhance the stitching and eliminate tension problems. It is of a consistent quality that we can depend upon.

You can supply the batting in the event that you have one you prefer. The longarming fee will not change.


We carry 118" extra-wide backing. They are Kona Premium Muslin from Robert Kaufman and also backing from Fabriquilt. They are solid colors in natural, white, tan and black.

We prefer these because there are no seams and the stitching quality is readily visible.

Getting The Quilt To Us - Walk-In

Welcome to our Longarming Studio!

There are two ways to make use of our longarm services:

  1. Stay at home and use the post to transport the quilt and related items - Mail-In; and,
  2. Bring it to us and visit our beautiful studio - Walk-in.


Getting The Quilt To Us:

  1. Call in advance to schedule the drop-off of your quilt.
  2. Bring the quilt in at the appointed time to discuss thread color, backing, batting, E2E v Custom, designs, and other items that may be pertinent. We will also take your down payment. The door to our studio is located to the right of the house's front door..
  3. Your quilt will be placed in the backlog at that point.

Getting Your Quilt From Us:

  1. We will call you when the quilt(s) is/are finished.
  2. Come in during normal business hours.
  3. You will inspect the quilt and give it a good inspection.
  4. You will make the final payment.

Cost & Considerations

Forever In Stitches:

  • Has two automated Innova AutoPilot Mach 3's longarm quilting machine. 
  • Has quilted over 8,000 customer quilts and an additional 1,000 for charity or display quilts.
  • Has 5,000 patterns to choose from of which 1,600 were designed by Forever In Stitches.
  • Can do edge-to-edge to semi-custom to custom at your discretion.

To fully understand the costing of our quilting we recommend downloading or viewing our "Longarming Pricing Pamphlet." This includes all aspects of pricing considerations including preparation and our "Quick Quilter" program.

As you can see from the "Pricing Pamphlet" our base charge for any E2E pattern is $0.022 per square inch, $30 per hour for all other manual services and the stated price for items [e.g.: backing, batting,...]. Solid thread colors and Quilters' Dream Batting Poly Request are included in our E2E prices. Custom quilting is done on a quotation basis as the requirements vary.  When you give us your quilt, you know what your charges will be.

Also covered in our pamphlet is our "Quick Quilter" program. This program provides you with a 10% discount on longarming services for every quilt you submit that ends in a five, and a 20% discount for every quilt you submit that ends in a zero. For example: the 5th, 15th, ... quilts get 10% discount on longarming services while the 10th, 20th,... quilts receive a 20% discount.

Our automated check-in system automatically counts your quilts land that is the number we go by. Upon check-in the quilt number is assigned and we provide you with a sheet explaining the proposed work and costs. At that time we also request a down payment as described in the Longarming Pricing Pamphlet.

If you are new to longarming services you may be interested in our "Longarming Considerations Pamphlet."

Background Information

We take pride in our quilting! Above all, we take pride in the quality of the quilting we produce for our customers. We have invested heavily to make that happen:

  • We use 2 Innova AutoPilot Mach 3s, one with Grand Format Embroidery [GFE], to assure that the results are always the best - repeatable & dependable and top-of-the-line in regards to longarms, automated or otherwise!

  • Ruth is considered to be an AutoPilot Master, teaches advanced Innova longarming classes and is a world-class trainer in quilting, longarming, and technology.

  • Ruth & Rick have been longarming since 2003.

  • Ruth & Rick designed, published, and teach an advanced longarming class for the Innova AutoPilot Mach3 as well as a book on designing with the Mach 3. The material includes a workbook, a project USB drive and project videos

  • We quilt 600 customer quilts per year! This does not include the hundreds of disaster or veteran quilts, or those for Raggedy Ruth Designs™ and ourselves quilted each year.

  • We quilt sizes from candle pads to draperies that are 12 feet wide by 15 yards long!

  • Over 1,600 of our designs were created by us [note these are our designs] to meet individual customer needs! That completes our 5,000 pattern library from artists like Designs by Deb, Legacy Quilting, Urban Elements, etc.

  • If none of our patterns work for you, we can even create a brand new pattern, modify an existing pattern for your quilt, or obtain one from a professional designer! At the same time, we strive to make this quality affordable!

  • Our pricing is rock-bottom!

  • Free return postage on mail-in tops where the quilting fee is $75.00 or greater.

  • We involve you in the process of picking patterns, thread colors, batting, and backing: You create your artistic dream, and we make it precisely how you want!

  • We strive to get your quilt returned as quickly as possible. However, the backlog at Christmas and graduation-time tends to be the longest, so plan ahead. 

We provide professional automated long-arm services to bring out the best in your quilt top. We are unique in that we discuss your options with you and you are involved in the design process for your finished quilt. Our longarm services are well known for quality. Our customers have won top awards in quilting competitions.

We complete 2.5 customer quilts per day on average. Some small table runners take just a few hours, and some custom quilts can take a week to complete on the longarm machines. Once we realized that there could be a quality variation in the artistic interpretation and motions we had Accomplished Quilting, in St. Joseph, Michigan, provide another longarm machine, and we converted both to be automated.

One side benefit to automated stitching is the ability to have both hands free. This allows our longarm professionals to "Quilt That Out" to some extent. We will assist you and provide options in the event that the quilt top does not lay as expected.

We invite everyone come in and inspect our quilts to see that we really do achieve the highest quality on both sides of the quilt - both top and back!

We ask you to please call ahead when you bring or send your quilt top in to make an appointment so you can be sure that a qualified specialist has enough time to devote to you and your quilt.


If you have any questions that you would like to present to our professional quilters please use the push button below: