DIY Longarming™

Forever In Stitches has two industry leading Innova automated AutoPilot Mach 3's™ in our longarming studio. One is dedicated to our longarming services and the other is for our "Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Longarming" clients [often referred to as "longarm rental"]. DIY Longarming allows clients to be completely involved in the creation of their work. Since you were involved in the creation of your work of art from design, fabric selection, and piecing, why not be involved in the actual  longarming, also! DIY Longarming allows you to do just that.

This page is divided as follows:

Welcome to our Longarm Studio where YOU will  quilt your masterpiece!

How It Works

This is an outline of the sequence of events that you will encounter with "DIY Longarming™":

  • At the beginning, if you are planning a quilt with flanges, curved borders, prarie points, embelishments, cording, non-cotton materials, etc., make an appointment to discuss your direction with us.

  • Create your top.

  • Make an appointment to bring it in for considerations [e.g.: type of quilting, thread color, batting, backing and estimated number of hours] and scheduling.

  • Note: we schedule your quilt to be done in one session. If more than one day is required then the second day should be contiguous.

  • We will supply you with a pamphlet on proper use of the Innova AutoPilot Mach 3.

  • Show up at the scheduled time with your top and any other items, by yourself.

  • Review any decisions made during the first appointment.

  • Pay for your scheduled time.

  • Load the quilt with us.

  • We show you how to set up the quilting.

  • You run the quilting under our supervision.

  • You unload the quilt under our supervision.

  • You admire your quilt and take it home for binding.

Pricing Considerations

Forever In Stitches does not have a class for learning the techniques and the longarm quilting machine. It does provide a pamphlet covering the items with which you will need to be familiar before you come for your DIY session. All training is OJT [On the Job Training].

Pricing depends upon the complexity of the quilting. All quilters start at E2E. They can progress to higher levels when we feel they are ready, and not before.

Type Of Quilting             Price/Hour

Edge-2-Edge [E2E] Quilting: $25.00/Hour

Edge-2-Edge with borders:   $30.00/Hour

Custom:                                      $35.00/Hour

The price varies with the difficulty of the quilting due to additional OJT [On-The-Job-Training], and artistic collaboration requirements.

Also covered is our "Quick Quilter" program. This program provides you with a 10% discount on longarming services for every quilt you submit that ends in a five, and a 20% discount for every quilt you submit that ends in a zero. For example: the 5th, 15th, ... quilts get 10% discount on longarming services while the 10th, 20th,... quilts receive a 20% discount.

Preparation - Before You Come In

As we have the other Innova working, you need to be ready to start when you come in. This means that the following must be done in advance. Failure to do them in advance means that you are cutting into your longarming hours, and that costs you money.

  • Iron all seams searching for insufficient or open seams.

  • Iron the top.

  • Square the top.

  • If you have not back-tacked your stitching at the edges, run a stitch 1/8" from the edge to secure all seams.

  • Remove all embellishments.

  • Square the back.

  • Eliminate any loose threads or pet hairs.

  • Safety-pin the top and bottom center of the quilt.

  • Safety-pin the top and bottom center of the back

  • Square the batting.

  • Assemble the batting, if in pieces.

  • Study the "DIY Longarming Pamphlet" that was provided to you at scheduling.

While You Are Here

This is an outline of the first E2E quilting session.

  • You will work under our supervision.

  • We will briefly discuss with you the parts and maintenance of the machine.

  • We will assist you in loading the machine.

  • We will assist you in setting up the machine options.

  • We will assist you in starting the quilting.

  • We will assist you at the end of the first row and the advancing of the quilt

  • We assist you in making a quality check of your quilt.

  • We will watch you complete the quilt.

  • We will answer questions.

  • We assist you in unloading the quilt.

  • We assist you in making a quality check.

During subsequent sessions you will be more on your own, but still under our supervision. The same kind of approach is used when you move to add borders to your repertoire and similarly for custom, but with more involvement on our part.