Technical Support - Advanced Certification

Prepaid technical support for the course is included in the cost of the Workbook, whether purchased as a workbook or part of any type of class. The purpose of offering these "prepaid technical support" calls is that no matter how well worked out a plan is, there are always unplanned "hick-ups".

In other words, we want you to be widely successful with this class.

The prepaid technical support calls expire after you have had the materials for 60 days. We want you to practice immediately and often.

The prepaid support consists of four calls that:

  • May or may not include TeamViewer on-line assistance;
  • Cover any part of the materials and their set-up;
  • Each call can not exceed 15 minutes;
  • If a call takes more than 15 minutes it is at the discretion of the person giving assistance whether the next 15 minute segment is consumed.

The prepaid support calls can not cover:

  • Items that are covered in the prerequisites [e.g. how the do I load a quilt, etc.];
  • Maintenance items [e.g.: the belts are loose, tension, skipped stitches, etc.].

Additional time can be purchased in groups of four instances. One set of four is $100.00. One set of eight is $180.00.