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Velvet: Our Owner Emeritus


People have asked about the "real boss" at Forever In Stitches, LLC. That's because she stays behind the scenes to sleep on her new ideas in between greeting guests to her abode [and they are free to stay on and look at the quilting stuff too].

Velvet was born on Valentine's day in 2003 on a puppy farm. She is proud of her beginnings because it shows what you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, regardless of how humble your background, or parents. People often referred to her father as a "dog" [and what they called her mom can't be printed here].

She picked Peter Grihalva out of a crowd and convinced him to take her home. 

She also got him to give her to toys and to play with her.

She spent time with him, because the proper care of a pet is important.

She was always grateful to her pet, Peter. At Christmas time she made sure he got enough love.

She even checked his lunch on the first day of the school year to make sure everything was there.


As a true all-around-business-executive, Velvet has good relationships with her vendors. This has evolved throughout time. At first she would establish who was boss with an occasional vendor [such as Brad the UPS guy] and piddle on their boot. Now, however, she just gladly greets them so as to obtain the best attention she can get.
An example of this is her convincing Oscar Valesquez to include her in the Bluffton mural [she didn't entirely get her way, as he did include his cats]. 
Velvet realizes that community involvement is important for an executive of her stature. An example of such involvement was her appearance in the Bluffton Blaze parade of 2011. The Boy Scouts and Fire Department cleared the way as she was preceded by Bluffton High School's Marching Band. Of course, everyone else followed....
These were her original ideas on logos for Forever In Stitches, LLC.
But, being a good executive, she let her executive staff modify them slightly to the point they are at today.

When asked about her good disposition, she goes beyond words and demonstrates that everyone needs some love [except for the dogs that walk on HER sidewalk]. And, when necessary, she can still dish out a good lickin' to anyone!

Velvet Grihalva
February 14, 2003 - August 22, 2017
101.6 dog yers old