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We sell our designs by the group. This saves administration time while saving you money. You can buy a set of patterns from us for the same price of a single pattern elsewhere. It's that simple.

Prices for the groups are shown only in the web-store to minimize errors.

Please check the brochure on a regular basis to see the new designs. The designs were last updated on November 8, 2017.

How To Buy The Designs

Prices for the groups and the entire library are shown in the web-store. Designs are only sold in groups, not as single designs in order to keep the costs low. Also, the entire set of over 1,500 designs is heavily discounted as opposed to buying the groups of designs.

Purchase these designs via our on-line digital store with an automatic download of the patterns. All credit card and other payments are processed by PayPal. Hou do not need to be a member of PayPal or open an account with them to process your payment.

After payment you can download the pattern. If you miss that immediate download opportunity, within a few minutes of purchasing your designs, you will receive an email with a link for the download which must be used within 3 days.

If you purchase the entire library the designs will be sent via post on a USB-drive at no additional cost due to the size.

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What Machines Can Use These Designs?

Any automated quilting machine that can use any of the PAT, DXF or QLI designs format can use these designs. This includes the majority of automated quilting machines produced. The following is a list of the machines / software that use either of these designs:


Manufacturer Formats
Art & Stitch QLI  
Autopilot   DXF
Babylock (Pro-Stitcher) QLI  
Bernina (Quilt Motion, QuiltCAD) QLI DXF
CompuQuilter   DXF
Creative Studio QLI Th
Gammill (Statler Stitcher) QLI DXF
Grace Company (Quilt Motion) QLI DXF
HandiQuilter  (Pro-Stitcher) QLI  
HomeSteader QLI  
Innova /ABM (Autopilot, Navigator) PAT
IntelliQuilter   DXF
Janome (Pro-Stitcher) QLI  
Navigator   DXF
Precision Stitch QLI DXF
Pro-Stitcher QLI  
Qbot QLI  
QuiltCAD Import/Export Module QLI DXF
Quilter's Creative Touch QLI DXF
QuiltMotion QLI DXF
SideSaddle QLI  
Statler Stitcher (Precision Stitch, Creative Studio) QLI DXF


What You Get:

  • QLI - Quilting File for each of the designs
  • DXF - Quilting File for each of the designs
  • PAT - Quilting File for each of the designs
  • JPG - Picture of each of the designs and occasionally repeats of a single design
  • WMF - Picture of each of the designs in a WMF Format
  • SKF - Each of the designs in a format for CAD programs
  • PDF - Other documents such as: the "Readme", which contains instructions; the License which is an agreement to use the designs; and other information that is pertinent to your purchase.

Please note that we now use a web-based contact sheet for the groups as well as a library catelog as they are more accurate and easier to maintain. The group contact sheets can be found on the web-store by clicking on the group/set you desire and then clicking on the appropriate link presented on the new page.

Conditions of Use

Refer to the license details below. In summary, the license allows you to use the files on all the computers in one location. Also, you cannot sell, give, bundle, or otherwise distribute the patterns or the modifications that you have made to them or from them. For example, if you sell your machine, you cannot transfer the designs with the machine.

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Any Further Questions For Rick?

If you have any questions, contact Rick Grihalva by completing and submitting the form below, or by calling 1-419-358-0656.